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Year: 1960  
Manufacturer: Lager Yacht Brokerage Corporation
Price: EUR 590,000

This ex-Ice breaking Royal Danish Navy Guard vessel for the fishing fleet outside Greenland was in Navy service until 1989. It was then purchased and is now in use as a commercial expedition charter boat. The boat was totally overhauled in 2007, including main engine, auxiliary engines, fire fighting pumps, new generators, new tanks for dirty water, new piping, new isolation, crane – 1.6 tons, new rubber 40 hp, electronics, all tanks were cleaned and sandblasted and all the interiors rebuilt. The rebuild/refit work combined with the systematic maintenance and care given it by the Danish Navy make the real life condition of this vessel more like a recently commissioned vessel. It’s rugged with a massive 12mm ice protection belt. With 7 double guest cabins plus ample crew quarters, there are enough accommodations to make this vessel very comfortable, as well as potentially profitable. Here is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the booming interest in expedition/eco-exploration charters. The vessel is extremely well priced for its condition, accommodations and capabilities.

Hull Material 
Engine Make 
Number of Engines 
Burmeister Wain Alpha 405VO Diesel

Contact Information

(516) 767-0141
(516) 767-9358

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