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Year: 1974  
Manufacturer: Hooper’s Yachts
Price: US$9,900  

The Northstar 1000 is a Sparkman and Stephens design that began production in 1973. It later was modified and became the Northstar 31. The origin of the manufacturer was Hughes Boats in Canada founded in 1963 near Toronto by two brothers Howard and Peter. They began building dinghies, but later expanded to another location and from tooling purchased from Tanzer they introduced the Hughes 24. Howard then designed the Hughes 27 and then they jumped to the Sparkman & Stephens designed Hughes 38. They built a number of boats up to 48 feet and through their history the company was sold a few times and in 1971 the name was changed to Northstar Yachts Ltd. From 1971 to 1974 they built the NS 22, NS 500 (25?), NS 1000 (31?), NS 1500 (35?), the NS 38, NS 80/20 (later named the H40), and the N900 (30?) and the NS 727 also known as the Farr 727 or Northstar 24, which was a Bruce Farr design and a quarter ton winner. Eventually Hughes purchased Columbia Yachts (?79) formerly Whittaker Corp. and which was finally sold to Aura Yachts. The factory burned in 1991 and that ceased production of Hughes vessels. So, the history is long with a lot of models built to quality standards and several were race winners throughout their history. The Northstar 1000 reminds us of some of Gary Mull?s large tumblehome designs (a West Coast origin) which, when heeled, increased the waterline length for more speed potential. This also increased interior space. This particular boat was built and purchased for the still current owner who sailed her on Lake Pepin when new and later was moved to Kenora, Ontario Canada, where he virtually lived aboard during summers during his time off as a teacher while cruising Lake of the Woods. Eventually he purchased an island on the lake and then kept his boat at his cabin where it was used for day sailing and an annual two week or so cruise by his sons around the area. No longer being used, the boat is now up for sale. The hull and deck were repainted by one of the owner?s sons some years back and the antifouling is about a year old. The engine has been cared for and the exhaust muffler was recently repaired. She sleeps 5 people. The seller is motivated to sell.


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