Google 2010 Regal 44 Sport Coupe Sportyacht

Year: 2010  
Manufacturer: Munson Marine
Price: Call  

Two years ago the Regal 5260 took the boating industry by storm and within the space of a few short months 56 people had plopped down deposits to secure their name in its production line. Regal is still building this exceptional boat as fast as it can — which is two units per month. Long awaited, the new Regal 44 SC is the younger sister to the 5260 and she does not disappoint. Regal has not thrown out the baby with the dishwater, keeping the basic hull and deck, but modified or changed elements that clearly could be improved. For example, the hull was modified to optimize for the IPS pods, the sport coupe hardtop has been completely changed and joins the windshield. The cockpit has been changed to have two distinct seating areas and to be more in touch with current trends. Down below the boat looks completely new and much more up-scale, even though the basic layout is the same. The wheel wasn’t broken, but it sure has been fixed up. Most importantly, the performance is substantially improved, with the 44 SC having about the same WOT speed, but getting 25% better fuel economy, and 15% better mileage at best cruise than it did with the twin 480-hp diesels in the 4460 Commodore. Perhaps the best thing of all about the boat is its price vis-a-vis the competition. And as a sign of the times, Regal is not requiring that dealers stock this boat, thus saving floor planning, freight and insurance costs – all expenses that were buried in the old 4460’s price. As a result, each boat will be built to customer order at a considerable savings – Custom order yours today!!!!!

Hull Material 
Hull Shape 
Fuel Capacity 
Holding Tank Size 
Water Capacity 
Number of Engines 
Modified Vee
168 ft
328 gal
48 gal
101 gal

Contact Information

(888) 853-9269
(847) 587-4940
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