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How To Buy Used Pontoon Boats Between 10.000 - 15.000 USD Boats for Sale & Yachts

Today, the title of this topic is “Learn how to buy used pontoon boats between ten and fifteen thousand dollars” so we will explain all details of pontoon boats today. This happens to be closer to that fifteen thousand dollar range than it does the ten thousand dollar range, but what I want to do is kind of go through this boat and give you an idea of what you can get for, say fifteen thousand dollars or ten or somewhere in the middle. So the first thing that I want you to take into consideration when you’re thinking about buying a used pontoon is whether you’re buying it from a private party or whether you’re buying it from a dealer.

Boats for Sale & Yachts How To Buy Used Pontoon Boats Between 10.000 - 15.000 USD All BoatsNow we all know that buying it from a private party it’s an as-is sale there is no recourse whatsoever and we’ve all heard the sellers say “oh yeah it runs perfectly” and then after a month of owning it you bring it in and we find all kinds of problems with the engine and not that the seller was lying to you, in his mind, it was running perfectly because he may not know what running perfectly versus not running perfectly really is all about. Okay so he may be thinking that he’s telling you the truth but he just doesn’t know, so buying a boat from a dealer, of course, you have recourse if you buy a complete piece of junk from a dealer and he lied to you, you have recourse with that dealer now. Most dealers aren’t going to lie to you. Most dealers are going to go through the boat, they’re gonna make sure that the boats in proper working condition, particularly the motor and so, therefore, you’re much safer buying it from a dealer than you are from a private party. Okay, so now the next thing, of course, that you have to take into consideration is the year, the horsepower, the brand, the model, the color, the condition. Okay, so let’s start out with the year.

Now, this happens to be a 2010 and it happens to be a 22 and a half foot pontoon boats with a 70 horse, yeah. Maja four-stroke now because as 2010 four strokes are very, very, very popular. Over 95% of the motors being sold in the United States and they are four strokes. The old two strokes the oil-burning two strokes if this had one of those engines it would be valued at considerably less because it’s a two-stroke particularly the four-stroke EFI electronic fuel injection that’s a much much much better engine than what a carbureted four-stroke is working.


Back in the day, the EPA required that all four strokes mean a certain emissions standards and when they put carburetors on them they had to make the jet sole small and tiny in order to meet the EPA cam compliances, that’d be it started to have issues with the carburetor jets so, therefore, most manufacturers went over to electronic fuel injection, which this one happens to be okay. The next thing I take into consideration is the brand. Mow you know Bennington premier Harris. There are some brands that are out there that are really top-shelf brand manufacturers and, of course, there are some entry-level brand manufacturers that are out there.

Boats for Sale & Yachts How To Buy Used Pontoon Boats Between 10.000 - 15.000 USD All BoatsNow every one of these manufacturers makes different levels of pontoons. They make a Cadillac, an Oldsmobile, a Buick Chevrolet, a Saturn. Okay, for example with premiere back in 2010, they built the Sun spree which is their entry-level. They built a sensation. They built a sensation limited. They built a grand majestic. Okay, so this one happens to be a sensation limited which is kind of written the middle of the models that they built back in 2010, so it’s not their entry-level pontoon but then again it’s not their high-level pontoon. It’s right in the middle. Let’s call it a Buick pontoon. Really good quality, well-featured upper middle of the line pontoon.

Now if this were an entry-level pontoon that probably sold back in 2010 for about half the price that this one did. Of course we wouldn’t have a $15,000 used pontoon, we have probably closer to a $10,000 used pontoon especially if it had a two-stroke. Now two strokes really started to go away in the mid-2000s when the EPA said “okay the United States no more oil-burning two strokes”, they had to meet the EPA emissions standards in 2005. It actually gave him a couple of years past that to get rid of the two strokes that were still in the marketplace. So 2005 and newer mostly what you’re going to see are four strokes but you’ll still see some two strokes that are out there. All right, getting back to the boat some of the things that make this a more closer to a $15,000 boat is the style on the interior and we’ll get to that the diameter of the tubes, which is a 25-inch diameter tube. One of the things that this boat has and you’ll see this you know in early 2014 and prior is carpeting. Prior to 2014 everybody had carpeting. Now, of course, one of the downfalls of carpeting is it gets wet it stays wet for a long period of time. It can get moldy and mildewy. It can create mold and mildew in the vinyl of the seats. It can corrode electronic components inside the boat so that humidity is not a good thing and we want to keep the inside of the pontoon dry when we have our cover on. Speaking of the cover, another thing to take into consideration is the condition of the cover. This particular one happens to be in great shape. There’s nothing wrong with it. There are no tears. There are no rips. There’s a little bit mold. Okay, this is pretty normal for a 10-year-old pontoon. Mold, of course, will deteriorate the material that the cover is made out of, and eventually, it’ll rot and tear.

So we want to be really careful to get rid of the mold and mildew that may be on the cover. Take it to a laundromat and use their industrial size washing machines and put some bleach and soap in there and wash the cover. It eliminates mold and mildew. Now, as I mentioned earlier condition of the boat is very important. This particular boat is exceptionally clean for 2010. As you walk down the sides, although it needs a bath, you could clean it up a little bit as you walk down the sides. There are no dents. There are no dings. Look at the condition of the tubes. The tubes actually look brand new and the reason for this is because back in 2010, premier used a coating on the tubes to prevent oxidation. Now, 99.9% of the pontoons out there did not use this and the tubes are gonna look all stained and gray on the sides, but première back in those days did use the sealer to prevent the tubes from oxidizing.

So, as you look at these this tube my gosh it looks like it just came off the show floor. It’s in perfect condition. Okay, this boat has an extremely popular option today, it’s called an extended swim platform and you’ll see how large the platforms are back here. [[Today in 2020 every pontoon we’re stocking almost every pint – and we’re stocking I should say has an extended swim platform.]] People are actually requiring it. Why is this extended swim platform so popular? Well, think about it. First of all, in this particular model, we have a center gate so we have to have a big platform back here, so you can use the boarding ladder boarded to BARC.

The boat from the dock if this were a side gate we wouldn’t have to have that big platform, but it’s really nice to have because when you’re getting the kids ready for the tubes, you’re tying up your boat. You’re putting your cover on. You’re checking your engine oil. There are a plethora of reasons why an extended swim platform on the back of a pontoon is very desirable. [[Now, as I mentioned earlier that this port has carpeting. So if you take a closer look at this carpeting you’ll see a little bit of darkness – a little bit of black in there that black is mold mildew. Now, it’s easily cleaned up. We just take a pressure washer and hit it with a pressure washer and it comes right out. Sometimes if it’s really bad will take bleach. Bleach II water I should say and pour it on the carpeting to eliminate any more growth because that bleach your water gets way down into the pile of the carpet and kills that mold and mildew.]] In about 2014 or Seoul manufacturers started going to seagrass. This is a chunk of seagrass and it’s a PVC product. You’ll see if we get a close-up. It’s a woven product that’s woven PVC. It’s extremely durable. It has padding on the back to give you a little bit of cushion. Here’s an example of that weave. Now, because it’s PVC it doesn’t mold, mildew, rot.

[[It doesn’t stain, you can’t I’ve not been able to get a fish.]] Fish hook stuck in it so it’s extremely durable stuff but back in 2014 or so it was really expensive to do an entire boat. My gosh, it was like three thousand dollars of extra to do an entire boat, while since then slowly but surely manufacturers have gone to that as the price came down they went to full seagrass flooring as standard equipment on all their boats. I don’t know if anybody today that has carpeting as standard on their pontoons. Okay, starting up in the bow of the boat, the sensation limited. Well, as I mentioned it was a step up from the sensation so some of the things that it has been the flex steel. Captain’s chairs which are a lot more comfortable than the regular captain’s chairs which were in a sensation, or even the Sun spree the same thing up in the bow. If you look at these cushions we’ve got two chaise lounges. We’ve got a gate filler seat. Now, this bench seat is movable. This was an option that the customer bought when he bought this boat. [[Now, so you could take this bench seat move it over to the side or move it into the back to make a u-shaped seating arrangement, really thick soft cushy bench seats my gosh you sit in these things and you sit down and you sink down into them like you’re in a big lazy boy in your living room.]]

They are extremely comfortable top-notch stereo speakers with stainless steel speaker grilles instead of plastic speaker grilles. We all know that down the road the plastic deteriorates and the speaker grilles can crack and break. He also on this particular model bought a sliding table cooler so inside that table is cooler, and you can move it around the boat because it’s portable. He also bought the option of a pop-up changing room. Okay, this thing flips up and the curtain hangs down. Now, some people want to pop up changing room. [[Some people don’t usually what we find is if you live on a lake you’re not gonna want to pop up changing room, yet if your trailer you may want to pop up changing room because you might want to put a port-a-potty in there and have a place to go to the bathroom.]] Now, as we move to the back of the pontoon another one of the upgrades from a sensation to a sensation limited back in 2010 was this was a much more deluxe council little fancier stereo system than what the sensation came with. Very nice looking Council tilt wheel. All of our gauges attach a speedometer, trim, gauge, fuel gauge, voltmeter. Alright, a lot of prime Tunes, believe it or not, don’t come with speedometers. Don’t understand that but sometimes they don’t. We’ve got a control box.

We’ve got a digital depth finder down here we’ve got, of course, all of our switches. This was a really nice sony sound system for back in a day and there was your CD player so this was a pretty decent sound system back in 2010. Of course today they have better ones. Storage is underneath the council. That’s pretty normal but again this is a much more deluxe council than what some of the lesser expensive models have. Okay as I mentioned a minute ago the campus chairs are flex steel. Again, back in the day, these were really expensive. Captain’s chairs they’re very, very, very comfortable, they recline. There’s a lever down here that you lift up and you can recline the backrest. There’s a little lever here that you can lift the pop-up armrest up and down. There’s a seat slider under there and obviously it swivels. So yeah, those captain’s chairs are really sweet to have. Behind the copilot, we have a little table. Alright, now again this is a very, very popular seating arrangement. This is what’s called an RF rear-facing chaise lounges so on each corner in the back we have two rear-facing chaise lounges.

Today this is a very, very popular seating arrangement because it’s a great conversation area for couples. The gals can lay here read their book. They can watch the kids out on the tube or skis. Tt’s a really a great seating arrangement. Back here there are again two speakers. Back here stainless steel speaker grilles. Again, we have this Center entry gate. This particular model came with a 12-foot bimini top instead of a ninth foot where the sensation will have a ninth foot. The sensation limited has a twelve-foot. Again, another upgrade so I’m getting back to that point where I made earlier is if you’re looking at a Saturn as a used pontoon versus a Buick at a used pontoon, yeah the Buick is going to cost you more money than the Saturn is only makes sense. Okay, one of the largest deterrents of resale value is the condition of the vinyl. So, often with some of the less expensive brands of pontoons that were sold back in the day, we see them coming in on trade with cracked and torn. Vinyl here’s what happens when a pontoon sits out in the sunlight.

The ultraviolet light from the Sun deteriorates the plasticizers in the vinyl that keep the vinyl soft and supple and then it starts to get hard brittle and it cracks and tears. Now, even back in the day, the 2010 – 2000s a higher level quality pontoon is going to have some sort of ultraviolet light protectant built into the vinyl such as what this premier has. So in this particular boat, we’ve gone through the whole entire boat and we’ve not found a tear a crack a seam coming loose. Anything like that seems, for example, premier uses an ultraviolet light protectant thread to sew everything together, therefore our seams are not deteriorating from the sunlight.

The threat is not deteriorating from the sunlight and our vinyl is in perfect condition. Now, another thing that happens with carpeting as I mentioned earlier is mold and mildew in the pores of the vinyl. Now vinyl is like your skin. It’s porous and if we covered this boat up with vinyl with the carpeting wet that humidity is going to stay inside the boat, it’s going to absorb into the pores of the vinyl and it’s going to turn to mold and mildew. Now the truth is it is easily cleanable. We just take a mixture of 25% bleach and 75% water, spray it on the vinyl, walk away for 5-10 minutes, come back and hose it off then what we do is we treat it with a vinyl conditioning sauce again to apply more ultraviolet light protectant and also to keep the vinyl soft and supple.

Okay, now on any use pontoon particularly from a dealer, the dealer should go through the pontoon and make sure that all the accessories are in proper working condition that the motor is in proper working condition, the gear lube doesn’t have any water in it, the engine oil is fresh, the stereo works, all four speakers work, all the navigation lights and gauges are in proper working condition when you’re buying a boat from a private party. Yeah, often we see that those that people are selling their boats with some of these accessories not working properly. So one of the things that we do when we get a trade-in is in is we do a trade-in appraisal and our technicians go through the whole entire boat. We have a checklist which we check off everything that is or is not working properly and then we go to fix it so that when we sell a used pontoon here in the shop, everything turns on okay; motor runs properly, deaf finder turns on, gauges work.

Now, sometimes on older used boats some of these things don’t work and we have to make a decision as to whether we want to spend the money to fix it or not. If we don’t fix it we tell a customer right up front “hey this particular item doesn’t work, we’re not going to fix it for the price that we’re selling it for if you want it fixed you can pay us to have it repaired or buy it as is.” So I want to thank you very much for taking the time to watch our little video. If you’re interested in a pontoon boats for sale to check out our youtube page. So if you go to youtube and you type in a search of our family marine Willmar you’ll see our icon, you click on our icon and look at the top row of videos. It says valuable buyer information and there are a plethora of videos in there that will help you decide which pontoon fits your needs the best, what horsepower fits your needs the best, whether you want a trailer or what type of trailer, whether you want sea legs, etc, etc, center. So we’re trying to help you determine what suits your needs the best. So the other thing is to check out our website which is family marine boats calm or give us a call. Our phone number is area code three two zero two two two two six two eight. Thanks again for reading our topic.

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