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Yacht Technical Service: Yachts are generally taken to maintenance including everything such as engine, generator, technical service, cabinetwork, painting, yacht furnishings, electrical, electronic, marine services, sea water and fresh water pumps, accumulators, water maker and air conditioners periodically every year before the start of the season. Normally, yachts are beached every two years or every year, at the end of the season, they were beached and stopped ashore. Repair and maintenance are begun for the new season. Main engines are maintained.  Circulation pumps and jabsco rubber of the generators are changed. Fuel strainers’ grease filter and oil change’s periodic maintenance is taken. Besides, sacrificial anode of the generators is renewed. Fresh water, sea water and waste water pumps are renewed. Yachts are checked by the land survey and launched.

While the yacht is on the sea, air conditioners are taken to periodic maintenance, activated and checked. Sea surveyor checks everything again and gives the certificate of seaworthiness to the yacht owner or the captain. The yacht must be taken to periodic maintenance every year. The yacht owners who do not get the periodic maintenance taken face a number of problems. We, as an institutional firm, always stand by you in the case of not only periodic maintenance and service but also breakdown.



On the condition that the carpenter used wooden parts in the construction of the yacht earlier, a carpenter is certainly required. To solve the problems such as building a yacht for the first time, changing the rotten parts, cracks, bruised parts, deck changing or degeneration of the interior furniture, we are lessening the burden on boat owners together with our carpenter colleagues. The importance of carpenters for yachts: No matter what material is used in building yachts, wooden material is certainly used indoors. When the maintenance of these parts is not carried out well, they begin to degenerate. This degeneration occurs in terms of the wooden parts exposed to sunlight and sea water, the decay of the wooden parts due to a leak in the indoor water system, the furniture renewing because of the yacht’s getting older. These kinds of cabinetwork are normally done. If the yacht whose outside wrapper sheet  is wooden  has got masonry works, for the maintenance works caused by the decay of some parts because of water and humid places or the harms due to the entrance and exit of the yacht in the marines, the carpenter has an important role.


As known, yachts are equipped with highly strong engines. The helping elements required for their mobility and the electricity such as pumps, lighting, cooling and warming systems work regularly depending on them. The engines not maintained on time are said to have problems after some time and cause many problems on the sea. For this reason, before beginning the season, the big machines’ starter motor and the charge engines must be serviced. Besides, jabsco water circulation rubbers must be renewed; transmission filter and oil must be checked. Engine  sacrificial anode and condense sacrificial anodes’ renewing, oil and fuel filters’ and the oil’s change, the change of the separator filters and a pair of spare separator filter set must be provided. At the same time, generators; the accumulators feeding all the systems including engines and the main machine; the ventilation of the engine room; fresh water, sea water and the waste water pumps must be serviced. We, under the name of technical service, help you for both the periodic and the winter servicing of marine engines and all the assistant elements of yours and all kinds of problems in a short time where you are with an accurate price.


An electrician is certainly required in yachts because of the oxidation. Humidity is very high in the seas and sea water causes various problems in all the electrical components such as dynamos, generator networks and fans in time. Taking a precaution for this is impossible. Yacht produces static electricity due to the friction, so static grounding must be done as well as possible. Electricity is the most important issue to be taken into consideration by the personnel working on the yacht. That the vibration caused by the hard sea conditions leads to a lot of big problems in the metal parts because of the loose of the cable joint places should be known to the personnel. Because the moist environment and the sea water causes corrosion, all the cable joints – especially accumulator joints- must be checked in detail every year for this kind of problems. As electricity is the most frequent technical problem faced in the yacht and to solve the problems on the boat, we put in touch our electrician or the electrical service expert that we work with you for the maintenance or the routine control.


The technical developments in producing and maintenance of air conditioners have made them essential for the yachts. Yacht owners certainly prefer air conditioners in the ones having generators. As an air conditioner producer, we are manufacturing air conditioners such as chillier system, split system and marine system. We carry out their periodic maintenance every year in the beginning of the season with 5 –year – maintenance guarantee period. The yacht owners not getting the air conditioners serviced do not have problems for three years. However, if you exceed the limit of 3 years, it is possible to have problems. Today, many marine air conditioner producer in the world guarantee maximum 3 years of maintenance, including the annual one. We, as the producers of Kos Marin Air, guarantee 5 years of maintenance, including the annual one. We are trying to help our customers demanding second hand air conditioners or thinking alternatively in the way they wish. Our air conditioners we term as Kos Marin Air are totally manufactured by us. We are technically assertive about cooling and warming systems. We can provide hundreds of schooner and motorized yacht names as a reference.


In the areas of use of yachts, lots of things such as the sofa sets, window shades, sun cushions, canvas, sail maintenance and fixing, curtains are required. Some equipment used in the sea must be water proof and has got to have ultra violet resistance. We are having your yacht furnishing  done with good quality and suitably. For example; if you are having a new yacht built, firstly, the measures are taken and the beds are prepared after the carpenters have prepared the places of them. Then, all the curtains of rooms, bathrooms and living room are decided in terms of form and cloth and they are prepared, too.  After the building of the outboard shades, they are measured and covered with a waterproof cloth called sunbrella. Biminis, sofa sets, sun cushions and all the shades are made with the same cloth. The windows of the living room and the wheel house are covered with a cloth that enables to see the outside from the inside. Through this, the degeneration of the furniture inside by the sunlight is prevented. You cannot see inside when you look from the outside but vice versa is possible. Sometimes the sunshade or the sail can be ripped. For the service or the repair of the yacht’s furnishing we are ready to carry out the maintenance or the repair wherever you are.


We are supplying technical service for the repair and maintenance of the yacht’s water system. Using the facilities of the region we are located; we can identify the problems concerning the water system of the yachts and interfere in it as soon as possible. Water system is known to be very dangerous by the ones dealing with sailing. Let’s try to make it clear for you; for instance, while having the water system installed on a new yacht, you should absolutely prefer a plumber having some experience concerning yachts. To explain its reason, we can say that the water outlets installed on the hull of the yacht and entrance and exit valves made of 3 different materials called chrome, brass and cast bronze are used. While the plumber installing these chrome, brass and cast bronze valves and once he joins them, they can be broken when you try to turn them on. This is mainly because of the static electricity in the yachts. No matter how good is the grounding of the yacht, due to the mismatch of the material the weak material gets electrolyzed, dissolved and broken. Secondly, the quality of the  pipes used in the water system of the yachts is very important. To sum up, yacht is not a kind of job that can be done by a mean person.  That is, what is needed should be done.


In yachts, we have 5 different lift models of television which can be installed in every form and corner to be used in the yacht’s living room, well deck, fly bridge and bedrooms.  Our ceiling drop – down, swinging, swinging by turning left and right, wall drop down and sliding screen models of TV lifts are installed in every needing yacht. For example, you haven’t got a suitable place to put your TV in the back pool area but this is not a problem at all. It is possible to install a drop down TV on the ceiling of the back pool area. We can install it as seen in the example. Or, it can be installed in a cupboard located in the living room of the yacht. This enables that you can control the TV’s position, up and down, through the remote control, in that, you can have a TV raising from a cupboard via a lift. When not wanting to watch TV, you can get the TV down and the TV is hidden in the cupboard. This makes it possible to use the upside of the cupboard, as well. It’s not only functional, but also has a great importance in the sense of security on the sea.




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