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Things to Consider When Buying a New Boat Boats for Sale & Yachts

Expectations may be high when purchasing the first boat, therefore you can prefer the most suitable boat by deciding on your pleasures and needs instead of trying to buying the best one. For instance, a speedboat will not perform well when it will be used as an offshore fishing boat. Or you can not use a sailboat in the river. Of course, these are extreme examples however the main point is the fact that not all boats will be suitable to every situation.


You need to consider the favorable conditions of the place where you live. What types of boats are more common? The types of boats which are used commonly in that area will be more advantageous in second hand.


Try to spend as much as time on the boat that you want to buy or another similar one before you buy that boat.

Boats for Sale & Yachts Things to Consider When Buying a New Boat All BoatsYou can talk to those who drive the boat you want to buy or similar ones by visiting a marina or maritime clubs in your area. The users will be more outspoken while providing information about the cons and pros of the boats, also you will gain a very valuable perspective about the points that you should pay attention to when you are going to buy your own boat. The reliable agencies can also provide you valuable information and suggestions.


Follow the boat market by following new and secondhand ads of the boats that you are interested in. The prices may vary considerably although they will have the same features and same model and ages, therefore it is up to you to find the boat you want for a suitable price by doing a good research.


Carry out your research with a broad range of brands and models because, at the end, you can also make a very different model and brand choice than you think. You can check the yacht and boat ads with the following features for more information:

Things to Consider When Buying a New Boat

New Boats

If you are planning to use a boat for more than 5 years and if you can afford it, it will be a good choice to buy a new boat.

Read as many comments as possible about the boat you are thinking to buy and request a test drive in the water. This provides you to get used to the design and features of the boat.


Boat Sharing

Boat sharing is a very popular method for beginners. This method will not only let the boat owners share the cost of the boat but also the maintenance and operation costs will be shared as well.

Second-Hand Boats

The used boats have some other advantages and benefits:

  • Safety equipment and other extras may be included.
  • There may be minor superficial scratches which you will cause inevitably when you are gaining experience on the boat. Causing a scratch on a brand new boat will hurt you much more than adding few new ones to the existing ones on the used boats.

Buying used boats by considering a neutral evaluation provided by a reputable professional will be wiser in any condition. Here are some tricks:

  • Pay attention to cracks caused by structural failure or impact if you are interested in fiberglass boats. Deep cracks may be the indicator of potential problems. On the other hand, surface cracks due to wear because of the age of the boat can be ignored.
  • Be sure that the boat repaired in a reliable service in case any part of the boat has been repaired, request the relevant bills.
  • Pay attention to poor corrosion and cracks in welding seams in aluminum boats. Incompatible or patched paint indicates that the boat was repaired, therefore it may have an accident in the past.
  • In case the keel lengthens horizontally to forward, check for internal corrosion or rust lines, these lines indicate that the boat takes on water.
  • Lift and check the bottom of every object on the boat, fades in paint indicate that the maintenance ignored.
  • Be sure that the ropes and other equipment are not weak and in poor condition.
  • Check the soft spots on the floor, the condition of the mattress, the operation of the windows and inner water stains.
  • Do not forget to use your nose during your observations, be sensitive to mold odor.
  • Be sure that the engine protected well, check the motor shaft vibration, crack on the prop and corrosion on the engine head. Observe the initial and high-speed water flow by running the engine.
  • Be sure about the durableness of hand rail bolts and all necessary safety equipment is available.

Mechanical Equipment

  • Open and closed valves
  • Gearbox (softness while gear shifting must be controlled)
  • Filter (filter must be cleaned at regular intervals)
  • Oil (you can check for dirt/sand with your fingers but there should be no burning smell)
  • Rubber straps and hoses (wear and crack control must be done)


You should check whether there is a repeated failure by reviewing service records for regular maintenance.

Check rudder, hydraulic and fuel lines with an electrical technician.

Note: The information above is for guidance only and it can not substitute for the control of a professional surveyor.

Also, you need to keep in mind that, all used boats have some traces which reveal that the boat was used, you should not ignore these while observing the boat. You need to avoid from boats which the maintenance ignored in case you do not have the enough money, time and patience.


It will make it easier for you to create a set of criteria and a list of questions while you are conducting your market research. You can check the boats consistently by duplicating the lists you have created. An Excel spreadsheet can also be useful.

When you narrow your search sufficiently according to the characteristics you have set in a wide range, you will be ready to bring offers to the boats that you are interested in.

Expecting an extraordinary negotiation will not be realistic. You should not forget that, if something seems too good to be real, it is real. If you know the reasonable price for the boat you are interested in, try to negotiate with the seller. The only thing that you can negotiate is not only the price. Consider the trailers, engines, and equipment to be used as a negotiation object.

Always test drive before you buy and get the opinions of independent surveillance.

There are many factors that affect the buying process of the boat which all risks belong to the buyer. These processes may vary depending on the area and the type of the boat. It will be wise to carry out these operations through a reputable boat sales agency.

Questions You Might Want to Ask During the Research

  • Which events is the boat used for?
  • How often and how long was it used?
  • When was it purchased?
  • Why is it sold?
  • Has it ever had an accident?
  • Which repairs did it undergo and who repaired it?
  • Do you have all maintenance reports?
  • Is there a need for an important repair?
  • Did it undergo any safety examination? When?
  • Is it have any debt?
  • Who is the owner?
  • Where is it kept?
  • Is the fiberglass original?
  • What is the condition of the deck, the upholstery, and the interior design?
  • What is the condition of the body and paint?
  • What are the other accessories included?
  • Is the trailer included? If, so how is the condition?
  • Is the engine included? (What is the brand, model and how is the condition?)

If trailer and engine are sold with the boat, you can negotiate for the removal or replacement of these.

It is easy to find the renewed engines. A near-new engine marketed by commercial users can cost a lot less than a new engine.


Boat Type

Firstly, consider your lifestyle, financial situation and your purpose for the boat (sailing, fishing, cruising, etc). The boats are designed for activities in a specific area and therefore, you can find the comfort, performance, security, and pleasure that you are looking for only on the boats that you are interested in.

The Area Where The Boat Will Be Used

After the type of the boat, the second issue that you need to consider is the place where you will use the boat. If you are looking for deep sea fishing, a small scaled boat will not be suitable for you, however, the same boat will be ideal for fishing in the river. Therefore, you need to make plans about where you will use your boat such as lake, river, sea or ocean.

Boat Size

How many people do you plan to travel on the boat? Only you, your family or a larger group of friends? The load capacity of your boat will be the most important factor in your list. After you have decided on the number of people you need to consider the other equipment that you will need (kitchen utensils, sleeping and bathroom supplies, etc).

Kids on the Boat

Boat trips are a good way to spend time with your children. It is important to consider their needs when you are going to buy your boat. For instance, the cabins. Boats, bowriders and deck boats and even some fishing boats are equipped with small cabins which will meet the needs of sleep and sun protection for the kids. Another vital need for children is lifejackets. You need to renew the life jackets once in every or two years when your children are young (1-5 years) by considering their sizes. First type life jackets are recommended for the kids under the age of 3-4 which can keep the heads above the water level. You can use 2nd or 3rd type lifejackets which do not have head support and provide movement freedom for older children.

Engine Capacity

Your boat has a certain minimum and maximum capacity depending on the engine power. The engine power you need depends on whether you want to reach a specific destination slow or fast. The engines can be classified as the fixed engine, outboard engine, jet, diesel, and petrol.

Mooring, Wintering, and Piers

Where do you intend to keep your boat? For instance, are you going to prefer mooring or are you going to keep it in the marina where you will use often or are you going to pull it to the land? If you are going to pull it to land with a trailer, be sure that your car is powerful enough to pull the boat to the land.

Boat Construction

This is related to the material of your boat. The body type is usually related with where you will keep your boat, where you will carry out the maintenance and where you will use it. The boat bodies can be classified as wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic in terms of the materials they are made. Most of the boats have a single body, however, there are multiple body segments in catamaran and trimaran.

Professional Counselling Request

If you are ready to start your boat search with the features you have specified, a broker or sales agent can show the appropriate boats to you for your needs. Moreover, they will help you to buy your boat safely with advice on purchasing, security, and insurance.

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